emmakendra (yourcarsamelon) wrote in _addmeicomment,

dont add me if
you dont comment or post ever…
because I comment. alot.
I mean it. And don’t just say “add me”…
say something about youself

and I love making signs for people

the girl
NAME- emma
AGE- 14
SEX- girl
LOCATION- seattle

the loves
crayons. photography. nintendo 64. my shi tzu. water balloons. silly putty. skintimate shaving gel. bead necklaces like the ones of Jerry Springer. playdough. toast. sleeping. rocko's modern life. invader zim. making out. starbucks. canada. football.

the music
the spill canvas. the matches. everlast. straylight run. hellogoodbye. verve pipe. schoolyard heroes. rilo kiley. snow partrol. potusa. brand new. unwriten law. LFO. thursday. hawthorne heights. senses fail. sum 41. story of the year. new found glory. taking back sunday. blink 182. brand new. potusa. stripped down hollywood. the offspring. all american rejects. dashboard confessional. fall out boy.

the movies
napoleon dynamite, fight club, nightmare before christmas, garden state, donnie darko, cruel intentions, dude wheres my car, zoolander, thirteen, grind, south park, fight club, van wilder, bubble boy, girl interupted, night at the roxbury, the good girl, practical magic, butterfly effect, saw, the ring, the wood, and like a ton more

the opposite sex
shaggy skater hair, smells yummy, nice, can make me laugh, likes me for me, has cool friends, doesnt ignore me around his freinds, not to skinny, tan, not shy.


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