daughterofsnape (daughterofsnape) wrote in _addmeicomment,

Name: Alexandria
Age: 20
Location: Georgia

- Three Days Grace
- Breaking Benjamin
- Aerosmith
- Linkin Park
- Korn
- Goo Goo Dolls
- Lindsay Lohan
- Guy Sebastian
- Wicked

- Clue
- Girl Interrupted
- The Virgin Suicides
- Love Actually
- The HP Movies
- Center Stage
- Bastard Out of Carolina
- Rose Red
- Blair Witch 1 & 2

Info For LJ Friends
- If you hate life and want the world to die, DON'T add me
- LJ cuts are nice to use, but not a must
- Please use language known to man kind. Typing like a fucked up drunk is very annoying.
- Have a sense of humor
- Be yourself, don't be fake

Comments = ♥

Comment here or in my friends only post located here

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