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im sucha whore. . .

comment whore that is!! im Rachel, 16, and uhm i guess im looking for some cool new people. some one i ment in a community is in here. I LOVE COMMENTS BY THE WAY. i do enjoy leaving random comments that have some relivence to the topic and little comments just to make you smile. sorry i also cant spell. so yeah im a little wierd but a pretty good friend. i enjoy music, anything having to do with my first love new york, some sports, reading, writing, dancing, pina coladas, gettin caughtin the rain, blah de dah, and i enjoy wierd twisted senses of humour (see below. oh and uh "Add me 'cause I really really comment!" !!

Eric : So I said to myself, 'Kyle,'...
Alan: Kyle?
Eric : That's what I call myself

much love xox

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