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Hey everyone, i just joined this Community, my Journal is friends only, so if you wanted added, just comment on my journal....
..:*Here's some Quickie's About Muah*:..
Name: Kayla Marie Baird
Location: Claysburg, Pennsylvania
Age: 15
Statz: Im Striaght, and im Single..-and lovin it- but i do like someone..
Want to know more.. Just Click the link.. I'll tell you more about my self..
Well.. I like to Comment, and to be commented on, and hardly any one does on my journal anymore.. So i'd be happy to add anyone as a friend..
*_-Some Hobbies-_*
Being with my Friends, Shopping, Going to the Movies, Four-Wheeling, Camping, anything that is fun! there is others but i cant think right now..
-Favorite Things-
 Food- French Fries, Chicken Fingers
 Movie's- Saw, Wicker Park, Friday night lights, The Rocky Movies, The day after tomorrow, The Notebook, Without a Paddle,  -Anything with Adam Sandler or Jim Carey..
 Bands/Artist- I like a lot of Classic Rock, Like The Ramones, The Rolling Stones,
Motley Crue, Shinedown, 50 Cent, Eminem, Ludacris, Green day, Velvet Revolver, ect..
 Shows- The Simple Life, American Idol, Degrassi, The Inferno
Colors- Pink, Peachy-Orange, Lime Green, and Blue
 (:..Some Quotes I Like..:)
 If you can make a Girl laugh, you can make her do anything..
-Marilyn Monroe
I Just want to Be Wonderful
- Marilyn Monroe
Life Is Short, Break Some rules...
-My dad..lol
Sex is apart of nature, i go along with nature..
-Marilyn Monroe
+*:..My Favorite People, And Idol's..:*+
Nicole Richie, Marilyn Monroe, Gretchen Wilson, and Gwen Stefani..
Anything Else..Just Comment on the journal.. Add me. I'll add you back..
Love Always
-Kayla Marie Baird-

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