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i love you. you love me. add me?

I'm just a normal 14 year old (15 in may)
I live in Washington DC
I love the rain, sleeping, sappy love movies, traveling, yoga, hot chocolate, being out with my friends, taking pictures, vintage clothing and music
I update everyday, and comment as much as I can

top ten bands of the moment (they change almost weekly):
-Bright Eyes
-Brand New
-The Streets
-The Medics
-The Beatles
-The Used
-Old time pop [Hanson, Spice Girls, Nsync, Backstreet Boys]
-Beastie Boys

top ten movies:
-Garden State
-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
-The First Wives Club
-Tomb Raider
-Cruel Intentions
-Finding Nemo
-The Breakfast Club
-The Jackass Movie
-Oceans 11

top ten shows:
-Family Guy
-The OC
-Will and Grace
-Viva La Bam
-Real World/Road Rules
-Freaks and Geeks
-Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

add me? ♥

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