Christine (dubious_thought) wrote in _addmeicomment,

Name: Christine | Age: 15 | Preference: Boys

Boys | LJ| Web Design | Icecream | Kissing | Music | Movies

Girls | Internet ExplorerMySpace (I do have one though) |
People who don't know HTML | Children | Winter |
Stupid People
| Rap Music

I'm a comment whore | I'm a camera whore | I'm a posting whore |
 I have too many LJ friends | I mod too many communities |
I can't live without my computer |
 I'm one of those kids who hang at the mall to much |
I go to local shows | I like to meet bands |
I have bad taste in music |

People who aren't stupid | People who comment
People who aren't adding me just for layout help |
People who who share my interests

On my Info Page | On my sidebar | Ask me |
Combined, there's prob more info than you'll ever need to know about me

So I guess people want to know what I look like and stuff so...

Oh yea... while you're at it join my communities:
three_answers | stained_grey | surveys

Add me on my friends only post.

Add me. I really do comment.

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