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do what you say! do what you do!

What you'll find in my journal:
  • true openness and honesty.  I started my journal because I want to to learn to be totally transparent.  I want to be unashamedly myself: totally honest and open, unafraid of breaking social laws, colorful and alive.  I want to be just as open with strangers as I am with those I love most. I do my best never to hide any part of me.  Also, I don't believe there is such a thing as TMI, and so I share whatever I feel like sharing. 
  • introspection... it is a journal after all.  I like analyzing myself.
  • polls.  Now I don't really care about comments, but I get miffed when people don't take my polls.  They're so freaking easy!  just click the little box or circle and click the button!  So yes, polls are important to me.
  • photo posts.  This may be of my adorable kitten, Kanika, or of myself (I model as an art form, not a profession), or of my friends, or of my jewelry.
  • happenings -- as in "I went here and did this, and it made me think/feel like this..."
  • rants about society, usually focusing on how it is versus how it could be.
  • thoughts on how humans work... my observations and ideas.
  • the odd meme, placed neatly behind an lj-cut unless it's short.
  • a complete LACK of quizzes.
If that sounds interesting, friend me!  Read my userinfo if you want me to friend you back.  It's a 99.5% public journal, so anyone can friend me and read all the good stuff.

P.S. I comment, but not on every entry -- I comment when a post strikes a cord with me, and my comments are usually in-depth.

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