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so I'm not writing to myself

My name is Kristen. I just made a livejournal yesterday and I'm already LOVING it. I'm obsessed with Art in all of its many forms. I love to write, but sadly, I had nobody to read my writing. I'd rather meet new people on the internet than ask friends and co-workers to fufill my desperate need for attention. I really love expression, and I love to express. ;)

For the great divide... The big question: I like all kinds of music, and I mean it when I say that. I know, I know, everyone says that they like all kinds of music, but that's just so they can pretend they like the same bands as you when you say what YOU like.... Or because they like anything new and trendy. I admit, pop culture facinates me, but the reason I like music is because I just love expression! I love angry music, I love sad music, I love happy cheerful music, I love dance music. I love it all.

Also, I have a lot of spare time (starving artist) so I will comment generously. Add me if you'd like! I'm not too up on the friends right now :(

Add me, 'cause I really really comment!

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