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Name: Cyael
No, not like Kyle...(Pronounced Ky-yell)

Recently turned 16

I'm Jamaican and Tumbleweed's rolling by my journal make me a saaaaad Panda Hummingbird

I'm in a band....(a marching one...lolz). I like Anime, Video Games, The opposite sex, and Music. People find my diverse taste in music to be one of my more unique traits but most things pretaining to me are far from ordinary.....I could spend a page, time-waisting for both you and I, writing why and how I'm unique for you to read or I can show you...

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I like trainingmy ears by writing out alot of songs in a program called Finale and I dick around in Photoshop alot

Wrote this a while back:

Sudden Strikes - Bewilderment, It crept in soft - without a sound.
How could I have been so blind, heedless to what was going down?
In my world - Without a care, happiness obscured my sight
Fled from me, my rationale, The thing called love just felt so right
Game's Over - The Music's stopped , Little now can cloud my view
Falling into Consciousness, The Dream so pure, so sweet is through
Common Words - They Ricochet, My head, it aches; vibrates with pain
It troubles me, the thoughts of wether I will feel this way again
Continuous - The voices shout while endlessly Im criticized
Disgusted by what I myself, Im ostracized

Reoccurring - Instances, still they catch me by suprise
Recognizing need for change, Id soon be nothing otherwise
Evil Thoughts - Rekindling
Most my Concern - Dwindling
Friends and Family both agree
The one they know's no longer me
So I've changed - Much good much bad , Cant seem to keep my thoughts at bay
I loathe much things about me now , but wish that all would stay this way

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