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Hey guys my name is Lindsay and I'm 18 years old..i live in michigan and will be 19 aug 11.I have a boyfriend so i talk a lot about him in my journal.I'm an outgoing,honest,down to earth fun girl. I love to make new friends..Espically ones that comment..I'm looking for people that actually comment and want to get to know me..I might not comment 24/7 but i comment a lot..

add me if..

  • We have some of the same interest
  • I put a lot of pics up on my updates
  • you comment
  • You like getting to know people

Don't add me just to make ur friends list longer I will take u right off..don't add me to start lj drama..because i'm not into all that..And don't add me if you do friends cuts 24/7 because I think thats pointless..

I'm actually super nice..My fav colors are pink and black..I love piercings and tats..i love shoes..i'm into basiaclly alternative music and sometimes country..

My journal is friends only so if u want 2 be friends tell my on my friends only page i don't really check on my information page who added me..so tell me there..

Add me 'cause I really really comment!"





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