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i'm new<3 add me<3

i'm jenn. i'm 19. i'm from new yawk. my all time fav. band is bon jovi. i mostly listen to emo/screamo/rock. but i'm open to other music. i like taking pictures. i talk a lot about my friends and my day and my feelings in my post. my favorite season is summer. orange is my favorite color. i have a huge crush on christina aguliera. i can't help it. haha. i'm a college student. i work 5 days a week at a breakfast program at an elementary school in my school district and 2 days a week at the after schol program, even tho i'm not big fans of children. it pays the bills. i love my friends more than life itself, which is a good and bad thing. i love magazines. and i love reading in general. i'm scared of heights and bugs and snakes and spiders. law and order is love. so is NYPD blue. i love commenting and learning about people and their lives. no offense but if your not gonna comment and actually read my journal then don't add me =)

comment on here. then add me. and i'll add you back.<33

*Add me 'cause I really really comment!

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