Natalie (_starlust) wrote in _addmeicomment,

hello everyone :)

my name is natalie.

i want to first say everyone in this community seems so nice!->which is one of the reasons i joined. i also joined because i am sick of adding people who don't comment!

before i came to livejournal i used to be a part of a site called Open Diary. and i was there for 6 years (my diary there still exists actually) and throughout that time i made so many amazing connections with people! and i loved it, that's what drew me to the online journalling thing in the first place. and i have just recently moved permanently to livejournal, this is my main public (or semi-public as my journal is friends only) outlet for my writing. and i would like to create those amazing connections again.

it's not like i want people to comment because i want to know i'm liked, i just want input! and i love hearing people's feedback. i'm a writer, i write a lot and very in depth stuff, and i like to know what people think and feel when they read what i write.

i always comment on other's entries if there is something contained in it that hits me in some way or that i just want to say i liked. i think it's so important!

anything else you need to know about me, my interests & all that, can be found in the interests on my userinfo page, and you can find out more about me by adding me :) i hope anyone here who seems interested will add me because i really really comment! :)

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