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I want to be welcomed not just tolerated

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hello i'm chelsea. i really like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, preferably on toasted bread.

but anyway, i'm a pessimistic who likes to play golf. i'm not dull, or anything near the ordinary. my posts are usually weird stories about my day or sometimes pictures. if you like things such as pink soap made from fat people, then good i do too. if not its all good i have a lot of interests on my info page. i really don't like the winter because it puts me in a bad mood. mostly from the light reflecting off the snow and blinding me and that everything outside has this dead brown and black color to it, but i'm happier now that spring time is comming. i'm frail, tall, and i love painting my nails. i'm getting really sick of getting lj friends and then they slowly stop leaving comments, know what i mean?

i hope your interested.

add me cause i really really comment.

any males out there?

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