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oh my

  • The girl known as volatilesilence, though truly named Alma.
  • Located in Harlingen, Texas.
  • 18 years old
  • Green Day & Incubus lovin, brown eyed, day dreamer, who can't live without daily doses of sugar and Lifetime.
  • college freshman majoring in Digital Imaging
  • Estudiante de TSTC.
  • Hopeless romantic...Lovable, caring, nice, sweet...girl.
  • Loved for my sense of humor. Loves to laugh, stay active, and talk.
  • Longs to live in Italy and live a simple life.
  • Too serious about stupid things for my own good.

    only add me if you comment a lot. don't add me just to make your friends list longer. my journal is friends only, so if you want to add me, comment on my journal. i'll add you back as soon as i see your comment.
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