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maybe it's the soft murmur of your voice in between seductive kisses.

This is Brittany.

She likes many things... including talking in 3rd persone because it makes her feel superior to confuse people.

She'll stop now.

[/end 3rd person]

bands » green day, dashboard confessional, daphne loves derby, the vines, underoath, fall out boy, hawthorne heights, senses fail, armor for sleep, the who, u2, weezer, nirvana, jimmy eat world, alkaline trio

movies » secret window, the sound of music, pirates of the carribean, harry potter & the prisoner of azkaban, two weeks with love, love actually, big fish, center stage, the little mermaid, stigmata

books » harry potter, sweep series, a midsummer night's dream, scribbler of dreams, forests in the night

drinks » starbucks caramel macchiato, arizona green tea with ginseng and honey, diet coke, lime perrier, virgin strawberry daquiri

loves » play piano, compose music, listen to music, write tons upon tons of poetry, play tennis, swim, hang out with chris, sing, dance so idiotically, attend concerts, watch musicals, paint, sketch, make crafty things (like jazzing up boring t-shirts and then have everyone say 'hey where'd you get that' and then i say 'i made it bitch'), posting on LJ, role-playing

now... read my freakin' info.

and look at my freakin' pictures.

i hold chris' heart and nobody elses.

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