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name is lauryn. 14. female. bi. american. vegan. (now)straightedge. recovering self harmer. music = life. spongebob freak. slasher/gore addict. fairly odd parents lover. belives in magick artist. poet. witch. BITCH. photographer. metalhead, rebel..

emo boys ♥. gothic boys ♥. punk boys ♥. nerdy chicks ♥. horror. sleeping. gore. dead things. stars. kissing. metal/emo/punk/goth music..

PeEpLe whO tYpE lIkE dIs. being labled. avril lavigne. amy lee. shitty music. shitty art. rap music. most people..

music = life
the cure, taking back sunday, brand new, green day, the distillers, HIM, AFI, hole, nirvana, machine head, a perfect cirlce, a life once lost, fall out boy, my chemical romance, the sex pistols, rasputina, bile, opeth, rob zombie, ozzy, white zombie, fairweather, the eyeliners, killswitch engage, the doors, snow patrol, queen adreena, the clash, the incredible shrinking dickies, POD etc etc

my journal is actually interesting to read, its not just another space full of disgusting bright pinks and flashy gifs and journal entries like this:
"OMG! i waz out shoppin' with geri and we saw kyle her ex and she was like, omg he's so hot im gonna get back with him! and i was like, oh my god you are so not.."
add me and i'll deff add you back.
I'm a total comment whore! ♥

 errrr i'm so ugly


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