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guess who really really comments?

yeah, me, Molly that's who. I'm 19 and from Texas and love my cats.

here are some reasons to add me:

  • I comment

  • I am friendly

  • I really read entries

  • I care about my LJ friends

  • I like to make new friends

  • I post lots of fun pictures

  • I dont type like a moron

  • I dont only post quizzes and surveys

  • I know how to use LJ cut

  • I comment

  • I love comments

  • My name rhymes with lots of stuff

Good enough?
Check out my user info and see what we have in common. I prefer those who have at least some interests in common. I like those who are friendly and comment on my entries. I think of it as a give and take thing. If I comment on your stuff you comment on mine. I usually prefer people over 17 but, I mean, I just watch out for immaturity and shtuff if you think youre mature and all go ahead. My journal is FRIENDS ONLY so comment here or on the entry and lemme know.

Anyway, add me.

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