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Hey (or some other generic title)

Hey I've posted here before, thought I'd try again.
I'm male, 21 years old, engaged to a wonderful girl from New York. I like video games, movies and current events/politics. I think I have a good sense of humor about things, but can often be considered "politically incorrect" about certain things. I am a conservative politically, but love a good argument about such things so long as they stay relatively civil. My favorite videogames right now include Halo 2 and Ghost Recon 2. Some of my favorite movies right now include The Grudge, Death to Smoochy and Dawn of the Dead. I also like Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and reading books, H.P. Lovecraft lately. I am also into artistic photography and sculpture and am a Government major in college, soon to be a law student somewhere.
One more thing. Please only agree to be my friend if you really do plan to post something interesting in my journal. No one-liners like "That's cool" or "LOL". Such activities will mean your immediate removal from my friends list and a visit to your house by the Angel of Death.
Oh, and before I forget:
Add me cause I really really comment!

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