Zombie Unit - 10110 (zombie_legion) wrote in _addmeicomment,
Zombie Unit - 10110

Name: Jade
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Interests: fake hair, "bad" horror movies, demonology, local band shows, 80s music, zombie movies and old cartoons just to name a few.
Music I Like: the clash, blitzkid, flock of seagulls, zombina and the skeletones, circle jerks, oi! scouts, the slits, the misfits, the blood brothers, fields of the nephilim, the damned, the germs, and frankenstein drag queens
Movies I Like: seven doors of death, zombie holocaust, zombie island massacre, night of the zombies, nosferatu, a clockwork orange, killer klowns from outerspace, army of darkness, phantom of the opera, rocky horror picture show, ringu, ichi the killer.

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