lady_trix (lady_trix) wrote in _addmeicomment,

Im 19
Live in toronto but im about to move out of the city with my boyfriend. Not sure where were going,, we have 2 places picked out.
Boyfriend is 27, were both studying real estate
Still love my ex but ive realized its a different kind of love that probably wont go away. (he lives in the city i want to go to which is also kind of small... im trying to figure out if thats why i want to move there)
The crazy ex before him is in jail but is getting out soon (or is already out) he owes me money and can go rot in hell. Hell probably come after me at some point but im moving so he can have fun trying to find me!
Im a bartender now and will probably do the came or be a server when i move.
I ask tons of questions in my journal, probably too many. Mostly about love and sex.
Add me :)

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