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ADD ME. You know you want to. rawr. <3

Hello. Im Kandice.
Im 21 years old, Im a writer. I live in Staten Island, New York.
The dump here is huge, and stinks bad in the summer time.
Im very eclectic. Im not a valley-girl or anything like that,
but I LOVE the color pink. Haha. I have 7 tattoos (chinese symbols on
each side of my neck - a heartagram on my breastbone - pink and black
nautical stars on each one of my wrists - another chinese symbol on my inner
forearm - my name on my ankle, which i regret ) , my tongue is pierced and gauged,
my lip, labret and eyebrow are also pierced. So is my nose, but I dont ever wear it

Im into all kinds of music, but some of my favorite bands are: My chemical romance,
H.I.M., Thrice, BOYSNIGHTOUT, a static lullaby, muse, bjork, tori amos, mazzy star,
weezer, yeah yeah yeahs, juliana theory.. omg the list will just go on and on.

I like to talk a lot. I like making new friends.

I love taking pictures. Especially of weird things like telephone poles, and electrical
lines. OOOooOh, and I love taking pictures of bridges, the beach/ocean, and anything scenery,
especially sky pictures. :)

I love playing Half-Life. And.. well.. anything else you wanna know, you can just ask.

Add me 'cause I really, really comment. Forreal. <3

<3 Kandice

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