!!! (_shhmegan) wrote in _addmeicomment,

i'm megan. i'm eighteen. and i'm from west virginia.
i try to rock n roll, but i am unsuccessful. i hate the taste
of coffee, but i love the smell. i am in love with making things
and trying to be creative, but alot of times it turns out to look
like trash. i like driving fast. i love watching the lifetime movie
network and comedy central. i like going to the movies. right now i'm
listening to alot of the format, say anything, a thorn for every heart,
and kenny chesney. i like all sorts of music, so if i made a list it'd
be 20 pages long. lame. i like coloring, drawing, and painting. it's fun.
that was random, but whatever.

my journal is usually random things with random
pictures. it's ok, i guess. eh.
if you want to add me, we could be friends and
comment back and forth all day long. oh yay !!
but, add me and i'll definitely add you back.
do it now. or you'll regret it later.


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