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I want to be welcomed not just tolerated

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hey im posting again. hoping i'll get to attract attention from more people.

just more shit about me i didnt say before

- i fucking love bill clinton
- i plan to marry steve-o
- i'm a frequent smoker *cough*cough*
- sometimes hitler makes me laugh
- my history teacher was a crazy jew
- i am all about comfort and being lazy as hell
- my guilty pleasure is watching mtv reality shows
- i'm lanky
- winter is probly my least favorite season
- somtimes mac and cheese makes me sick
- corn dogs do too
- "talent" to me is saying the abc's backwards
- my parents are soon divorcing
- my room looks like a dark cave
- i want to get zebra sheets for my bed
- lost my train of thought
- im looking for a job and meijer is my last resort


if you're thinking about adding me, either comment on this or on my friends only entry, i hate it when random people add me and dont give a reason why or introduce themselves

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