August 19th, 2008

Pale Blue Eyed

add me cuz I really really comment!

So I need some new LJ friends. I have very few who post enough anymore, and I find myself refreshing my page every few minutes, hoping for new posts anytime now.

My name is Kristen, I am 25 years old and currently a graduate student. Originally from Missouri but living in South Carolina to attend Clemson University. Just recently got married too, but we lived together for 4 years before that, so we aren't all mushy all the time. No kids, except a fur baby, a cat named Kiki Monster. I tend to post often, at least once a day, usually more. I rarely write every little detail of my days, I tend to just write about what interested me about my day and so forth. I write about what I learn. I also like to post pictures too.

I am a caring person. I love people, especially kids. I love my family. And I love animals. I am sympathetic and don't judge others. I am open-minded and won't put up with ignorance, racism or any type of discrimination. I can handle being friends with different opinions than me as long as they are respectful to me as well. I am agnostic, so I never talk religion. I respect all religions, but don't want someone pushing theirs on me. I can handle anyone elses religious beliefs however if that isn't all they ever post about.

I do like to talk a lot too. When I comment, sometimes I write mini-stories, either with how I can relate, advice I may have, or just whatever pertains to the topic. I try my best to comment on every entry, but even if I fail at that, I comment on most. Unless of course, I NEVER hear from the other person, then I may stop since that is sort of rude. I like comments too afterall, that is why I am here!

So add me if you don't mind some randomness in your daily life. I tend to be sarcastic at times, though very few people seem to get that. I never am downright rude, more sarcastic about my own life and experiences. I love funny stuff too, so people with a good sense of humor are great in my book (especially dark humor, not really into really stupid humor).

Prefer people in their 20's at least. Around my age is great. Other than that, not much else is required. We can be totally different people and I can still like you.