July 18th, 2008


add me cuz I really really comment!

hey guys, i'm casey. i'm 22 and starting my senior year in college studying public relations/advertising.

i currently live in fayetteville, arkansas for school but i'm originally from dallas, texas.. a little less inbred but, i'll gladly take shirtless babies at wal-mart in arkansas than people breaking into my car any time of the day in dallas. okay, that may be a little drastic.

i love etsy, crafting, music, sims 2 and downloading stuff for my sims, food, TV all day and all night, attempting to cook, painting, polymer clay, texting my life away, writing, design, just being creative!

bands i like (but i don't talk about music in my LJ ever.. i don't like to.. it reminds me of being in 9th grade and saying how much better my music was than everyone else's) brand new, the decemberists, old 97s, the avett brothers, kathleen edwards, demi lovato (lol yes from camp rock), taylor swift, tilly and the wall, etc etc etc.

please add me! i love to comment and make new friends.