July 2nd, 2008

add me cuz I really really comment

Hi, I'm Angie.

I'm a 20 year old student who's prone to become infatuated with good conversationalists & drinks to much coffee. I have a tendency to get lost but I don't really mind so much, unless I have somewhere to be. Anyone who says that nothing is impossible clearly hasn't ever tried to slam a revolving glass door, I know because I have. I'm easily distracted by beautiful things, this probably keeps me from being really extraordinary at anything in particular but it does ensure that I'm well rounded.

My livejournal is a combination of my venting, amusing stories, random opinions on current events and letters that I'll probably never send.
Add me darlings<3

Add me cuz I really really comment!

 Heyy. Lookin for new friends - not sure what it say here though :S
I'm Elle =] Nice to meet you =D
I'm 16 and still at school
Live in glasgow, scotland but i would love to move to australia when im older =]
My life is really complicated - though most of it i write about is usually about guys but i have so much more going on that i will probably write about aswell.
Im quite random sometimes too lol
I want someone to read my post and comment - i promise i will do the same =]
I dont think im a judgemental person and am open to talk to anyone no matter what age/sex/race you are =]
Add me =D
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