May 31st, 2008


"Add me Cause I really, really comment....ALOT"

Desperately Seeking Interesting Journals !

I've been out of LJ for about a year and have recently returned and need some new friends.
I'm 25 year old Bartender/Student, living on an island on Florida....originally from Chicago....My one true love!
I update and comment daily~ mostly about random happenings in my life, the news, or this crazy place I live...
You see it all here. I'm big on reader participation, because I want to know all about my friends.
People fascinate me, so I'm always asking for opinions and viewpoints, and sometimes what kind of Ben and Jerry's ice would you create....stupid shit like that.
I try to keep things interesting. You won't find 10 paragraph updates taking you play by play through my day,
So I don't really want to find that in your journal either.
Other than that I have no requirements on who I add...just let me know if you do add me.
So yeah, that's about it.

Add me cuz I really really comment!

 Hey guys!
I am looking for more LJ friends that love commenting as much as I do!I like to become friends with the people on my LJ list and commenting is a great way to do so!

I am 25 and I live in Sydney, Australia. Although in July I will be embarking on an adventure to the USA for 6 months. I am going over there for one semester of university to study Film, which is what I study here. Film is my major, along with journalism and English Literature is my minor. Obviously I'm right into movies and books, as well as music and sports. Some of my favourite things are:-
Movies: Breakfast At Tiffanys, Gone With The Wind, Lord Of The Rings, Garden State, Dogma, Arsenic And Old Lace, Vertigo, Amelie, Love Actually, Harry Potter, A Streetcar Named Desire, Sunset Boulevarde, Roman Holiday
Music: Oasis, Powderfinger, Coldplay, The White Stripes, Something With Numbers, Kings Of Leon, The Killers, Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, The Dandy Warhols
TV: Scrubs, Sex And The City, Entourage, The Sopranos, Beverly Hills 90210, Six Feet Under, Americas Next Top Model, American Idol, The Hills, Laguna Beach...I know, I'm a tragic reality junkie!

As I said, I love comments and new friends!So if you want to be friends, please comment here and I'll add you!