May 27th, 2008

tessa-me :)

add me cause i really really comment

i'm tessa and i'm fifteen.
i post pictures in every entry (it's a compulsion.)
i also post poetry.
i adore comments and commenting
but it's not the main reason i'm looking for people to add to my flist,
i actually would like friends.
i don't care how old you are,
i'm sure we'll get along if you're twice my age.
look through my profile and userpics for a bit about my interests and self.
if you would like to be added,
comment here or my friends only post and i'll add you back.
lost - hurley - jesus

add me because i really comment!

my name is krista.
i am going to be a junior at the university of southern maine.
i am a theatre major with a concentration in acting.
i also am interested in set design, make-up design, costume design, sound design and play-writing.
i thought that tim burton ruined sweeney todd and i don't care how hot you think johnny depp is, he did a shitty job too.
for examples of music; television; movies; that i like, check out my profile.

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