May 26th, 2008

add me cuz I really really comment!

I just made a new journal, so don't mind the lack of entries so far.
I tend to update/comment a lot.

me, simple, and in list form:
  • meghan, 20
  • addicted to caffeine
  • i have really bad anxiety/mood swings...but i laugh pretty much all day long
  • music = life (pink floyd, brand new, dmb, cake,'s a very eclectic list)
  • i don't watch a lot of tv, unless i have it on dvd (daria, csi, golden girls, six feet under)
  • i go to the movies like it's my job
  • i love the colour green
  • random
  • sarcastic
  • cynical
  • photography, painting, drawing...i like all that artsy stuff
  • i use comma's way too much, along with the ... thing
  • i love to bake, especially if i've been drinking
  • i have an awkward fear of goats
  • concerts are possibly my favourite thing ever
  • this list could go on and on...but i'll let you get to know more by adding me
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So add me already!

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