April 20th, 2008

modern still life

add me, for I really do comment (rule 12!)

I really, really comment because I really, really have too much time on my hands right now.
Im bored a lot in the middle of the night (occupational hazard of being a night owl) and that means comments on your entries. Maybe not always profound, but let's admit it-- half the battle is just knowing that someone is paying attention. I pay attention.

You should be:
18-30 (approx.; Im 22).
vaguely intelligent (I approach the world through the books I read, my somewhat atypical experiences, and with a certain skepticism and tendency to critique. I'm not posting a groundbreaking thesis in my lj (by far!), but...)
artistic in some way, shape, or form ( I paint. I draw. i do photography... I dont care what you do so long as you have some notion of why one might be one of those people who writes, paints, makes music, etc)
into music (you dont have to exactly share my taste, but those people who dont like music very much... i just can't understand them. they freak me out. Its unnatural! I like a somewhat large range of things; rachmaninov to eyehategod to choking victim, for example. but in general indie/diy, not "mainstream"... I dont know anything at all about hip hop and I dont like electronic/dance music...)
not overly interested in tv. I only realize the truly bizarre and negative effects tv had on my own life. that is why I quit watching it a few years ago. i have really felt a big difference, and now I try to stay away from talk about it as well. its not a "zero tolerance policy" or anything, its just  a general proclivity...
not into video games. i admit it, I'm a snob about this. i think video games are lame.
vaguely left-leaning (at least; I actually consider myself aligned with the "post-left"... yes, it sounds slightly pretentious, but I'd rather be pretentious than... the alternative ; ) I dont want to hear electoral politics talk, at the very least. I dont go on political rants, so its really not that big a deal...)

All of those things are tangential to my lj, i suppose, since you will hear me talk mostly about my daily life... but then again, my daily life is just the things that interest me as right now i dont have a regular show up 9-5 job or anything. I admit to some whinging, but I try to keep it more explanatory than flat out whining...

In case you want to know more, just look at what communities I'm in (i mod one, theoryquotes) and you'll get the general idea...
I will even arrange them for you by loose category...
music-related:  _brighteyes, danceandfight,_jeffmangum, ironandwine, metal_exchange, one_song_a_day, psych_folk, indie_exchange,
art-related: raptamakeout, foto_decadent, handmadebooks, literarytattoos, lyrical_ink, text_tattoos,
thought-related: antipsychiatry, kissmyass_cosmo, capandschiz, control_society, critical_animal, grammargasm, theoryquotes, latin, linguaphiles, literaryquotes, loltheorists, situationists, red_sing_songs, redanarchist,
experience-related: abilified, aus_cattle_dogs, needaroaddog, nocturnalhabit,   schizofriendsswapstuff, sza_living