April 5th, 2008


Add me, I really really comment =]

Hey everyone! My name's Kelsey. I just made a new lj and I was looking for real friends; this looked like the place to do it..

About me:I'm just about sixteen, will be in May. I'm a sophmore. I want become a photographer, but my camera is a peice of shit, but that's okay. You might be thinking, 'of course she wants to be a photographer, that's the 'cool' thing to do now' But really, I've wanted to be one since I was five, so I'm not like on of those people. If you add me my entries are basically random, and I randomly break out into French, just a warning. But anyways I would love to have journals to read, and yes, I really really comment. =]

Now is usually when people would post a picture, but I'm just too lazy right now.. haha =]