March 12th, 2008




my name is ulla, and i am a 14 year old swedish/german girl, who has been living in london {england} for the past two years, as of recently. i used to have a livejournal, but unfortunately didn't post much, so i'm starting a new one, in hopes that by writing a little every day i will improve my english! now, if you would like to know a little about me...

~ i was born in stockholm, sweden; my father is german and my mother is swedish. i lived in stockholm for 6 years, then moved to berlin for another 6 years. two years ago, i moved to london! although my permanent home is london, i still have homes in stockholm and berlin, and go back to visit regularly!

~ photography has a very special place in my heart. in fact, i have a camera on me at nearly all times, in case i catch something wonderful that i want to photograph. because of this love, most of my posts on livejournal will have photos or art accompanying text.

~ music...where do i start? i enjoy ambient, electronic, lounge, 'indie', jazz, pop, rock, classical, folk and shoegaze! but since these genres have so many sub-genres, i think it will be better to give you my account, in order for you to get a feel of what i really like!

~ apart from the interests listed above, there are many other things i adore. i love to travel {by jet and by train, especially!}...i have seen most of europe, much of north america, a little bit of africa, a little bit of asia and a fair bit of oceania. i love fashion, but i do not look too much into modelling {being 5'11" i get a lot of offers}. acting is something i love, and being in a few major plays has really improved by english! getting exercise is fun...skiing, running and tennis are great!
~ i do enjoy reading peoples' journals and i do comment often. i appreciate when others comment on my entries too!

~ i like simplicities, but not simple-minded people.

so, i hope after that, you have got to know me a little better! hopefully we can start talking and get to know each other better!

add me, i really do comment!