February 22nd, 2008

add me cause I really will comment!

 Hello, my real name is Christal but I absolutely hate it so call me Sketch, or a shortend version of my name, CHRISSEH ^-^
but Sketch will do fine or any name on my userinfo or any name you make up for me!

I'm 19 years olddd, live in northwest Chavland (england) and I have a crazy life!

I was on greatestjournal for about 70 years but it went all weird so i got a livejournal instead.

I'm into weird music!

I day dream a lot and often go into those weird moods when you can't stop laughing at nothing!

a lot of people call me crazy but I don't care about that really..

I make up words a lot and love random spontanious (pretend I spelt that right) adventures with my friends who I lurrrrve.
I also LURVVVEE my boyfriend (toast boy)

umm..I'm on a graphic design course and it's cool, I love drawing and video games (I'm a nerdddd) and writing and reading!
I have strange obsessions with stuff like numbers idc it's just me :]

I love Hello Kitty and Disney and pirates and all things cute and fluffffff xD
i'm pretty much about 10 years old if you haven't noticed.

My journal is sometimes scatty and stuff but there is a serious side to me so sorry for random depressing outbursts sometimes.

Well I'd love to have new friends on here..since I haven't got any! so just comment here or my friends only post and I'd love to be friends :]
oh and, I love commenting other people's journals and it's nice for people to comment mine too.

if you liked my introduction thingyy..YAY!
if I bored you..sorry :(