February 17th, 2008

:// Fawkin' add meh, I really REALLY comment.

I'm relatively new to LJ, hence the lack of
friends and have had a hard time finding active communities.

Enter you. If you post something that interests me, I
will without a doubt, 100% guarantee, Scout's honor, leave
a comment...or stick a needle in my eye. Promise. I post
doodles, other various creative endeavors, poetry (which
I really hate to call it, but it is), and other random
compilations of my insight and observations of daily

I have delicious taste in music, just so you know.
I spend most of the time I should be doing productive
things just poking around the internet, so I'll
more than likely come across your journal at some
point, but if you wanna speed up the commenting
process, make yourself known. ;)

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Add me cuz I really really comment!

Name: Bria Denise
Sex: Female
Location: Indiana

Hey everyone, i'm sort of new to livejournal. Of course, my reason for being here & posting is because I would like to accomplish my goal of apprehending new friends. I'm into anything that deals with graphic design, the sims 2, poetry, and music. I'm african american & no i'm not racist. actually, i'm against racism. and i'm really not "ghetto fab" or whatever the hell you want to call it. If you're wondering how old i am so far, I'm fifteen years old,freshman in highschool, but don't let the age scare you. I'm extremely mature for my age and i prefer to hang out with people of their late teens-early twenties.

I love watching reality television & movies. My favorite movie would have to be "the other sister". I love all kinds of music, from rock to r&b. I love playing around with my ipod. I procrastinate when it comes to school work (dont act like you've never done it). I love eating reese cups, they're my bitter addiction. I'm a bit random & I tend to write sarcasticly at times for my own entertainment. I read my horoscope for fun (i'm a cancer) and i love to sing.

 If you want to know more about me, visit my journal! i wont bite at all, actually i'm pretty nice once you get to know me.

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