February 15th, 2008

lar doce lar

Add me cuz I really really comment!

 I have a pretty decent friends list but I sure could use more people who are here to actually connect with their lj friends and form a tighter bond than the average Joe. 

I'm a very positive individual (although I don't believe annoyingly so) who has learned how to be this way thanks to an awful and dark past that I've moved on from. I'm just about 26 and have learned so much about life just in the past couple of years. Up until the age of 23 I was a trainwreck tainted with nothing but depression and the likes that do not deserve detail any longer in my life.

Due to a life altering, eye opening vacation I took, and the woman of my dreams (now my wife), I have put the past in the past and have grown into a self providing, happy, thankful woman. I packed up a few things I had and left everything I knew and was familiar with and moved the hell outta dodge (after going through some obnoixes hoops of course). 

I now have a very close relationship with my family. I have a very healthy spiritual side to myself. I take what should be taken seriously serious and what should be taken lightly lightly (well, usually!). I lost over 100lbs as well...but I still have just a bit more to go. I speak Portuguese.

I teach ESL and don't enjoy it very much. But my future plans are to go to college and probably study nutrition. 

I comment frequently because I want that connection with you and vice versa. I comment pretty much everyday except for weekends which I use to really get out and enjoy life with my wife etc. 

I believe that is a pretty good sum up of myself.
You can comment here to let me know that you've added me so that I notice (or on my journal, of course, which is mostly friends only).  Then I'll check you out as well to see if I think we'll be a match and then we're off! :D 

P.S. My userpic is of my wonderful, sweet Boxer - Cazuza. I am such a proud mommy!

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