February 13th, 2008


Add me Add me - I really comment! <3

Hello world. Outside, everybody in front of their computers! Helloooo. Nihao, Gommonsnala! & Moin Moin! I hope a lot of people will actually read this. Because I need somebody. I have to find a special someone, and to find out if I mean YOU just make the test: ONE. Do you like strawberries? If yes, go on. TWO. Do you speak at least a bit English? Or Frensh? Or German? Orrrrrr Kryptoglorian? Hey, I LOVE people who speak Kryptoglorian! I will defenitely add you if this applies to you. THREE. DO YOU LIKE TO COMMENT? you dont have to say something important, not everytime. Not always. Just let me know that I'm not as alone as I pretend to be sometimes. FOUR. Are you between 7 and 182738 years old? WOW. That's great. Okey, next question. SIX. Oh, I left the five out! Miiist. I hope you won't mind my silliness. SEVEN. I like kawaii stuff, japan, poems, emotions, songs, scribblings, PHOTOGRAPHY, creative things and animals. And Miyavi! Do you agree with at least one of these things? A bit? A tiny tiiiiny bit? Okey, wow. NINE. I didnt expect you to be so far yet! Hmmm. I like to colour my own sky in different variations! Okey. This is no questions. yes. Okey, fiiiinally: TEN. ADD ME. If you want to get to know me. Comment here or on my Friend Only entry. Look at my enormous variously LJ profile to check me out. However.. ADD ME NOT. If you can't comment. Please. I beg you! It's actually not very difficult. I'm not arguing about the global warming all the time nor do I like to copy Goethe or Shakespear! I'm just a girl in her own world who would like to get in touch with some newwwww nice people! <3 & now have a nice weekend! (even if it's monday at your side of the world. haha.)