January 28th, 2008

Add me cause I really, really comment.

So I always feel I need to say something really great when introducing myself or else people will think I'm boring.  Really I just need to be me and not care what people think and they ones that like me for me will stick around and screw the rest, but I make myself think that being simple and ordinary from time to time is blah and disappointing.  When its not all that bad.

Anyways, the name is Dan and Im 21. I just signed up with LJ as a way to outlet all the things I'm thinking about and feeling. I'd also like to meet some people and make new friends.  Im pretty friendly and will talk to anyone who wants to get to know me. Im a pretty laid back guy and dashingly charming/handsome to boot.  OH and I got a pretty good sense of humor. Coul d you sense it?  I try to not let things bother me and a lot of stuff doesn't. But it's the stuff that I really dont have control over that gets to me. Well Im not sure what else to write so I hope to hear from some people soon. And likewise from me. Laterrr

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