January 4th, 2008

Add me because I really really comment.

My userpic is me.
Taken (by the most amazing boy in the world).

This is my life and I write it like a novel (hence my username).  It's a brand new journal because this is a brand new year, and this is the fourth time I've created an annual journal.  I never add anyone I know in person to these journals, so I hold nothing back.  I CAN TALK ABOUT ANYTHING MATURELY =)  I'm a really nice girl who doesn't do drugs, doesn't start drama, and gets along with everyone.  I'm quiet and easygoing.  My boyfriend is the light in my everyday.  My mother and I have switched roles.  My entries are not as random as this.  

I would love to read about your life and share our experices and thoughts and opinions.  Please comment me somewhere and tell me a little bit about yourself and I'll add you to my journal so you can see it.  =)