January 3rd, 2008

Martha Splatterhead

I only comment when I feel like it. But that's pretty much all the time.

Hey all. My name's Donny, I'm 18, and I'm looking for people who loves to pals around. I'm a pretty laid-back person, with a really random sense of humor. I'm really into music and MMA, and Adult Swim cartoons.

I don't have a lot of LJ Friends right now, but instead of randomly adding people who might not even care about what I have to say, I figured I'd post over here and see who I can find.

Right now, my journal is used pretty much solely to document my transition from angsty high school burnout to angsty college student/adult, so there's plenty of interesting material to comment on. And I PROMISE I'll comment and not just take up space on your Friend's List. Not on every entry like some kind of annoying weirdo. But usually remarks will be made, alerts will be sent, conversing will commence, laughs will be had, followed by frollicking etc etc.

So add me. I comment!
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