December 30th, 2007

Nicole & Harlow
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Add me because i really, really comment!

Can we talk for a minute? Can I have a moment of your time? I'd like to get to know you better if you'd let me!

the name is Toni-Marie.
I reside within Australia at any one time, supposedly Melbourne for the next twelve months
although i'm somewhat of a gypsy so this could be subject to change
i'm fast leaving my teens, i'm nineteen, it's bittersweet, i love the teens, but i can't wait for the road ahead
music is not my life
it is my passion and work and therefore consumes my life
i love my work
i work for bands as a merchie and roadie
i do the shit jobs to make sure you get to see your favourite bands
the good side
i don't pay $150 to see them, they pay me to see them
and i'm the one at the after-party
im not racist, sexist or homophobic
and i don't discriminate based on music choices
i'd like to think i'm fairly open-minded and encourage people from everywhere and anywhere

i like to get to know my friends
some i've known for three+ years 
so if you don't want to talk to me and just make me a number on your profile don't bother
i don't like liars or trolls
the only rule i have is that you are somewhat mature
and that you don't come with massive drama

hope to talk soon
oh and mandatory
add me i comment