December 24th, 2007

Add me because I really, really comment!

My name is Shane. I'm 21, and I live near San Antonio, Texas. I'm a guy. I'm single. I'm sweet and a good friend to talk about serious issues with. I get very fascinated with girls. I'm smart, and you'll be able to tell this when I give wonderful feedback. I'm nice, and you'll enjoy that. I listen to emotive punk rock and hardcore (among many other things). I'm nerdy but not too much. I'm hip with the scene crowd but not too much. I love to read. I miss college, after taking a year off, and I'm very ready to go back. I've been writing in blogs for about five years, and I generally take it seriously. I write expecting that someone else is going to read it and generally attempt to make it worthwhile for those people.

I give good comments and feedback when I have something to say, which is pretty often. I generally respond well to intellectual posts and emotionally and personally revealing posts that I can relate to or have insights about. My major is psychology, so that's just kind of natural for me. I am more than likely not going give you good comments if you never post anything good to read. I post lots of things some people might actually want to read, so I tend to expect the same calibur of writing from others. When I look through my friends, I read stuff that is interesting, well-written, and so forth. I will definitely give you good feedback is you write well.

Read a few of my entries and check out my profile to see if you actually want to add me before you do.

I hope to get to know some of you.