December 23rd, 2007


Add me I really really comment!

Location:Southern CA
Interests: Raving,Reading,Photography,Music,Industrial,Benassi Bros.,my boyfriend of 3 years<3,I love and like to help animals in any way,video blogs,Psychology and all behavioral sciences.I'm currently trying to jumpstart my life and figure everything out.Going to school at the moment and have a lot of ambitions.
Dislikes:spiders,bugs,the dark,flying,arrogance,selfishness,self-centered,two faced,liars,cheaters,manipulative people. =]
I used to have so many friends on here but ever since Myspace took over no one is interested in using journals anymore.I still enjoy them and like that they actually have substance.If you have any similar interests or would just like a friend completely opposite of you then add me!
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Add me. I really, really comment. :D

Hi everyone.  :]  I'm Loren, and since I just got a new LJ, I need friends.  I have none at the moment.

But please don't add me without reading my friends only post on my LJ

And preferably post there as well, not here.

That's where I say everything you need to know.

Because, let's face it, you need to know stuff about me before adding me.

And one of these little posts in an "add me" community doesn't suffice.

I really do love people and would love to have friends on LJ ... but real ones.

Much love,

Add me cause I really really comment!

Name: Jess
Age: 19
I love: horses, teaching others to ride, working with handicapped children, reading, writing, music, the color brown, travel, making new friends, Poland, fudge brownie sundaes, peppermint hot chocolate
I hate: milk, nagging people, living in Pennsylvania, being late, whipped cream

I'm a freshman in college, and I love every minute.
I'm not afraid to admit I'm struggling with a lot at this point in my life.
I will read almost anything I can get my hands on.
Lately, I've been writing a lot.

Check out my journal, comment, and I will add you. I comment pretty frequently and I read every post. Promise.