October 30th, 2007

  • royalia

add me cuz i really really comment!

hi there. i'm not new to livejournal by any means (and i do really comment!), though my profile and my journal will suggest otherwise.hmm, so about me. the name's kristen, and i'm fifteen from good old new jersey. don't judge me by my age, you'd be surprised how different i am from most girls my age (and god, how many times have you heard that line?) oh, and i don't use capital letters when i type. i think they're a waste of time, really. 

i'm a sophomore in high school in the honors program, though i don't really hold up to the whole "honor" part of that title. my life's pretty interesting. at least, i think so.i love to write, read, and watch movies. i honestly could do those three things all day if i was given the choice. i'm a harry potter fangirl, but libba bray's 'a great and terrible beauty' is slowly taking over my life. my friends are my life, and if i had to make the choice, i would choose them over my biological family (want more details? add me, darlings. there's plenty of family drama about to be served.) 

my tv shows are grey's anatomy, house, gossip girl, life, and k-ville. my current obscure british actor obsession is mr. damian lewis (my obsessions are known to change weekly, sometimes daily.)i have a lot of really deep thoughts, and that right there sounded so airheaded i can't even believe i'm going to leave it like that. most of my friends can't really get into intellectual stuff with me, so that's why i'm back to livejournal again. to find some more people like me. 

oh, and another tidbit. i've been properly diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder, which accounts for much of my paranoid and analytical persona at times. just in case anyone wanted to know.

so add me, please. it's gonna be a fun ride, and i love to read about the lives of others. oh, and i comment!! ciao. :]