September 16th, 2007

haley ++ smile.

add me 'cause i really really comment.

okay so i'ma be picky about some stuff because like i can be! haha.

first of all a few things about me. i'm eighteen and my name is keely ( key-leigh ). i was born and raised in the wonderful land of ireland, haha maybe not. i moved to australia to live with my brother in perth. yay for aussie love. um, what else. i'm very, very sarcastic, and i make retarded comments about things that most people find silly because i don't think before i speak. one time i was giving wages to my work friends daughter, who is like eight i think. and i was like 'wow, don't spend all that on drugs!' think before you speak, woman!

okay i have my good days and my bad days like everyone else and more then likely i'll vent in my journal but like if you whine and bitch and moan all the damn time i'm pretty much gonna wanna smack you in the face and laugh. i would so do that, i know, awesome eh? but no really - if you're a whiner i wouldn't add me because i'd just lawl, call you emo and lawl some more. easy as.

i have this insane hatred for capital letters and using the number button instead of typing the name of the number. AH, drives me IN-FUCKING-SANE. no way? way! anywho that doesn't affect you too much i just figured like, might as well tell you if you're a 'zomg why aren't you using the correct grammar, no way my head is about to explode at the stress. hells no.' yeah don't try that shit with me, i can string together a literate sentence, that should be enough and if it's not, then -sticks tounge out-

i get obsessed with things very very easily. like the time i fell in love with sawyer and planned out my wedding to him <3 i even know the first song that will be played at our wedding, but then again i know that for all my husbands. haha. yeah it can be anything from a song ( i called her on the phone and she touched herself, she touched herself, i laughed myself to sleep. ) mahn, that song pwns me. anywho. yeah right now i love b. spears and elisa andddd marty simpson by the way of music. so yeah if i get obsessed with something/someone, you'll know and if that bothers you, then sorry.

oh i'm the queen of negativity, yeah my soul feeds of off it. i just can't help it, the damn glass is always half empty, maybe i shouldn't be drinking it? who knows. but yeah, and i can be emo, emoo, but i totally give you permission to lawl, call me so and lawl again! haha. i sometimes wonder if i'm on massive amounts of crack.

oh speaking of drugs. i smoke grass so if that bothers you, like...yeah don't add me. i'm usually baked when i post on eljay so yeah haha. um, but like stoned people can be funny. you should hear some of the shit that i totally fucking spaz about when i'm stoned like sausages. yuss, dun ask.

i'm a firm believer in taking the time to get to know someone, online or otherwise, but i find it more interesting to do it online because you feel free to tell people anything online because you know you wouldn't be judged quite as much. i believe in getting to know the person i'm talking to fully. that's prolly why i fell in love on the net haha, but yeah i fall in love way too easily. give me a cute guy with sweet words and i'm all on his shit like white on rice. haha. oh i say haha a lot too and lmao and other stuff too, you'll see.

as if anyone is gonna read this, but 'ev's. um, i don't quite know how to define my sexuality. try sexual? lmao um, yeah iunno, but i'm open to everything and i don't judge people by any of that shit. if you're an amazing person on the inside that's all that matters to me, gay, straight, tranvestite, i can't spell lmao, any of it is awesome with me as long as you're being true to yourself. no one is more amazing then the person you are in your heart. at least that's what i think.

so i can't think of anything else. i'm sahweet. :] haha, idk. wanna be friends? comment my friends only post! annnddd i'm pretty nice besides the insanity. <33