September 5th, 2007

  • lvoisa

Add me cuz I really really comment!

my name is lovisa, i recently turned 20 and i live in sweden. right now im planning to go to the states for a year, problary early in 2008.

i watch alot of movies, and alot of tvshows. some im proud of watching, others not so much :P my favorite movie is edwars scissorhands, and my favorite tvshow is lost. other shows i watch: desperate housewives, greys anatomy, prison break, heroes, greek, kyle xy, south of nowhere, one tree hill, smallville. i like music and my favorite band is stars. i love them, and no one comes close to them in my eyes. my favorite song is heart. oh, and i have a moodtheme featuring myself.

i post alot of pictures in my journal, since we take alot of pictures in my family. im a big family person, and i write alot about them. i have two nieces that i love above everything and i post pictures of them and talk about them alot. 

im looking for lj friends to connect with. i want to actually interact with people on my list, and get to know them. i love reading about other peoples lives, and i comment alot. 

i really hate writing introductions about myself, if i missed something just ask and ill be glad to answer. 

if you want a picture of me, its me in my header and in my FO banner. 

so if you wanna be my buddy just comment here or on this post

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