August 26th, 2007

add me cause i really comment!

my name is mohammad and i'm 16 (from canada). i'm really interested in making new friends here because i usually get only one or two comments on my entries. i'm super-nice. i love to comment and state my opinion, and i'm hoping people would do the same for me.

i'm really easy to get along with. almost too easy. i act like i've known people i just met a few days ago for years. people are often freaked out by it. i'm thinking about going into graphic or web design at waterloo university. the thought of finishing high school scares me though. two more years and i'm out in the real world (?). i love to learn and don't really understand people who don't. i'm kind of a social loner. i have tons of friends but i can be pretty anti-social at school, if that makes any sense... i try to grab a seat near the teacher and away from the people who will make noise and keep me from my work, but even when i do that, i will still end up talking to someone around me. i love to talk. it's like a hobby of mine. it's pretty much who i am.

i love harry potter. if you don't respect that, forget about adding me. i hate when people think reading is for losers, it's not. i'm pretty much obsessed with all things television. i watch more tv shows then i can handle. things like what will happen in prison break, lost and grey's anatomy float around in my head all day. i'm still mourning the loss of the late great veronica mars. i also adore cynical humour like in daria. six feet under is probably my favourite show ever. i'm a huge musicwhore. i have a 30gig ipod video bursting with music, and i'm always looking to find more. death cab for cutie is amazing but i'm not a scene kid or a hardcore emo. paul mccartney's new album is love. as is tegan and saras. i like going back and listening to the first killers album and maroon 5 albums. thinking about the 90s gives me a major sugar rush and i just have to go back and find things like my so-called life to watch.

i don't care how old you are or anything. as long as you share a few of my views/interests.

add me?!