July 21st, 2007


add me cuz i really really comment

I want lj friends.
I don't want just usernames in my list.
I want people i can *actually* get along with.
I like to read journals and i like to comment.
I want lj friends who do the same.

My name's Raquel(and that's 'ruh-quelle'), I'm 18.
I'm nice, most of the times. ^^
I'm funny. Or at least i laugh a lot.

For more check my userinfo.
See if we have something in common!
I'm a camera whore. Sometimes i make picture posts. x)

Don't add me if you just want a username in you friends list. I don't like big friends lists.
Add me if you think we'll get along. =)

There's only a few kind of people i probably won't like:
Racists, homophobics, people who label themselves, people that won't respect others, people with no sense of humour.
And of course..people who tYp3 lyK3 theez!!11

If you add me, comment here or in my public entry, so i know you added me.
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