May 22nd, 2007

ah love

Add me I really, really comment!

I'm not good at introductions, but it goes.
My name is Marjorie, I'm 15 (born march 10 '92) and I currently reside in  Manila Philippines.
I post entries about my day, fashion, sports, shows, and the occasional rants and bitchings.

*please don't add me if:
1) you post pictures of yourself in each entry
2) you're going to judge me by my likes and interests
3) you never comment
4) you're older than 28, i'd like someone closer to my age group
5) you're just adding me to make your flist longer
6) we don't have ANY interests in common.

stuffs about me:
>>I love europe (who doesn't?) scandinavia and most especially Sweden!
>>Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona, Rafael Nadal, Ana Ivanovic, Maria S., Ekaterina Gamova, Steliana Nistor etc..
>>I watch a lot of competitions:badminton, football (soccer) , tennis, table tennis, volleyball artistic gymnastics etc..
>>i believe volleyball is my sport
>>broadway musicals are love, sadly I have no musical talents.
>>I'd be really happy if you live in Sweden, Norway or somewhere near those places. :)
>>the shows that I follow are: Grey's Anatomy, ANTM, Bones, House, Amazing Race

I'm really friendly once you get to know me.
if you're interested, just check my userinfo.. I hate to make this post too long. Comment on my FO post here