April 12th, 2007

add me cause I really really comment! :D

Hello everyone! I'll make this short and to the point.  :)

I'm 17, from the Midwestern USA. I'm hoping that I can make some new friends on here.

My hobbies and interests are pretty diverse - I'm a very active person so I enjoy lots of sports; soccer, running, horse shoes, swimming, and equestrian to name a few. I also enjoy taking pictures, traveling, amusement parks, movies, music, and the outdoors.

I'm up to talk about pretty much anything. I'd like to meet someone that has something in common with myself - I'm not too good at coming up with random topics to talk about, so I figure if we have a few things in common it'll be easier to break the ice.

I'm very friendly, so feel free to comment or add me - no need to ask!

Take care everyone and have a pleasant evening,