March 25th, 2007


Add me I comment

I've been in lj for a few months and I've made very good friends, but I'm looking for more people to stay in touch with O_O people whose lives are always interesting and always have something to say.
About me? Well I'm 19. I'm studying college (accoutancy, 4th semester) Obsessed wiht icons and TV series (Desperate Housewives, Heroes, Prison Break, Grey's Anatomy, etc)
what do I write at my lj? Icon post, About my life.. yay! which is quite a soap-opera ^^ (really)
what kind of people do I want to meet? well I'm not picky when it comes to lj friends, all I ask is form friends who always have something to say ^^ random and interesting!!
Wanna add me??? Well check this out first.  *comment there to be added*
I'll really apreciate if you take the tame to check out my profile and my lj to see if we have another things in common ^^